Lesbian Information. When she told me her plan what kind of males up to now at what time so when i desired to object one thing she cut me off and said bluntly “yeah that works closely with females too.

Lesbian Information. When she told me her plan what kind of males up to now at what time so when i desired to object one thing she cut me off and said bluntly “yeah that works closely with females too.

Lesbian advice from lesbians without having the hate, but packed with love. mod Azure they/them mod Jan she/her

Hey, do any advice is had by you on the best way to confess your want to a woman who’s almost certainly right and never gonna reciprocrate you feelings any way(regardless if she actually is into girls)?

Really, simply put care towards the wind and do it now. If they’re you’re and straight perhaps not worrying all about effects. Simply get directly for this.

Toss care into the wind my dear. 💋

(2). Do you wish to let me know one thing?” I happened to be really confused and offered an answer that is evasive she seemed therefore smug once I replied and I also do not know just how she understands i am homosexual like nobody ever suspects that, i am constantly passing for right. You think I should inform her we have actually emotions on her? (Sorry for the text that is long

Hiii! I believe you should inform her that you prefer her! Hopefully it all goes well.

Hope this helps ❤️❤️

hi thus I came down as a lesbian like five years ago but i experienced a messy breakup and thought possibly I happened to be bisexual but i’m dating some guy now and he’d been my buddies for decades and from now on I believe i have always been really a lesbian and I also just don’t understand what to complete and I also can’t break up it would hurt him and ruin our friend group but i just don’t want to date guys anymore i just want to be a lesbian and talk to women and i feel stuck and trapped and idk what to do next with him bc

Hiii! We don’t think you need to remain where you’re unhappy. I believe that you ought to be honest and open with him. He will understand if he’s truly a friend!

Hope it will help!

For some time now i’ve identified as bi and only told my friend that is closest but lately i’ve been convinced that maybe i’m lesbian bc i’ve discovered that my relationships with males have not been lasting and i’ve never actually felt anything. my issue is that we haven’t been with a female ever, therefore idk if I ought to simply hold back until i’ve had experiences with ladies to label my sexuality precisely?

Hiii! You should attempt down some experiences with ladies before you choose!

Hope this helps 💗

therefore there’s this woman I’ve been texting. Both of us like girls. We both praise one another on a regular basis. We text every and say i love you but like as friends I guess night. I believe I’m into her. Assist?

Hii! i do believe which you like alua mobile her and see where it goes that you should tell her.

Hope this helps😍

Okay therefore uhh,, i’ve a crush to my friend that is best. We’ve been buddies for some months, and near for a weeks that are few. They don’t want a relationship atm (which I’m fine w lol) but that doesn’t stop my a-hole heart 🤩 I should just fully grasp this down somewhere I’m. pretty yes they don’t have actually a merchant account lol. Anyways at this time, it is kinda to the stage we’re virtual roommates (multiple time streak drifting off to sleep on call, calling many times had been free, etc.) and yeAH! Might include onto this later on but any advice?

If they’re perhaps not prepared for a relationship. Then they’re perhaps not prepared. It is maybe not an option you may make for them. You ought to either move ahead or be stuck in eternal pinning. You’re constantly welcome in the future rant to us though.

It is simply not something that’s up to you personally. 💋

Therefore. I have had a massive crush on certainly one of my good friends who lives in another nation when it comes to better section of 3-4 years. It is those types of people that kind of goes away (either on its or because We attempt to ignore it). Let me state something for them, but We additionally don’t wish to perform the possibility of making or ruining our relationship awkward. We are both lesbians and solitary and I also’d love the opportunity to try out dating actually, but we additionally have actually terrible anxiety on it. (NTM I never ever actually dated before)

Darling i am aware it is frightening. However the thing that is best to do is leap. Make the jump. Tell her everything you just said. You don’t want to ruin the relationship, however you like her. Like you back cool if she doesn’t. It out if she does, try. You dudes can invariably get back to friends that are being dating does not exercise. Unless either of you will do one thing actually stupid.

It’s a jump of faith and also you gotta take the plunge. 💋

hello therefore um i will be a non binary lesbian and I’ve been suffering actually liking this girl planning to tell her but in addition being when you look at the cabinet at home/in a homophobic environment. just how can I begin telling her without like. outing myself to my loved ones? Could be the threat of my children once you understand even worth every penny? I’ve actually been wanting a relationship, particularly along with her, and idk how to proceed.

Darling you don’t need certainly to come off to anyone you don’t want to. Now when it comes to girl. It is possible to date her and stay when you look at the wardrobe. You merely need certainly to lie just a little or extend the facts. Want to get on a romantic date, then you’re learning with a buddy or coffee that is grabbing a schoolmate. I’m maybe not advising lie to your mother and father about every thing. Just this. Simply tell her “hey I’m not out to my moms and dads” and hang out at don’t your property.

You merely gotta be mindful about any of it. 💋

hii, we have a bit of an issue. ive defined as asexual within the past, and even though i’ve had a boyfriend (things never ever progressed so far as sex because I became always uncomfortable), but a short time ago me personally and my 2 close friends got drunk. one of these is freely homosexual. therefore she cuddled me personally for like 2 hours, we talked and nearly kissed and also for the final few days i’ve been having gay ideas™️. additionally i’ve never ever gotten stimulated whenever contemplating intimate material with guys, however it’s various with her

You will be biromantic and homosexual. You may be an lesbian that is asexual. Labels are for you yourself to determine. You are able to just say you’re gay or queer. If you want girls, you prefer girls. Don’t want sex. Don’t contain it. You should be yourself and date whoever you desire.

You need to be your self. 💋

1 i had sex w my gf yesterday when it comes to one time & i dont think she liked it i seemed at how 2s & diagrams but actually I really couldn’t actually tell where all her material ended up being it& there was some hair bc it looked so different from mine i couldn’t spread. i ended up hlping her finish w just my fingers although we kissed. I do believe she felt bored simply laying there once I was in her feet. 2 she likes once I seize control push her around a bit but im shy&i dont have experience but i’d like 2 make things good 4 her hlp

Therefore it appears as you need certainly to speak with her relating to this. Ask her just what she would really like you to definitely do the next occasion. Keep in touch with her by what you’re confident with. In the event that you dudes can’t agree with something, you don’t require sex to own a healthier relationship. You need if you’re happy together, that’s all.

Correspondence is considered the most thing that is important. 💋

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